Our collective motives for the technology at our disposal is my genuine interest. The sub structure of technology is ever fluid, and yet our human motives for the use of technology remain relatively unchanged, or seemingly static. Visualizing data in new ways, regardless of source, is exactly what keeps me up at night. Whether it’s the static UI of an online bill pay service, or my own personal creations in UI, UX, Design, and / or Development. The way in which I interact with data-sets, large and small, is at the heart of my fascination with technology.

Change is basically the bottom line - unending, never slowing, perpetual forward motion. One has to become comfortable with the ongoing tide of change, while at the same time learning and growing in a consistent fashion. One’s ability to learn is their greatest asset.

A few of my previous accomplishments include Google Mapping UI and UX, 3D asset creation for Google Mapping API V.3, Google Earth, and the creation of a vector rendering engine running above the Google API using client side data points. I’ll be reassembling these projects to freshen them up and posting them in the projects section in the days and weeks to come.

My experience is broad. Coming from a graphic design background, technology became my next logical tool for design creation. My experience ranges from 2D branding assets into entire 3D worlds. I still paint, draw, and write as time permits. The process of creation and finalized assets has been the bulk of my previous eight plus years. As more of my projects are posted here, my skill set will become more apparent. Let’s jump forward a bit.

Distractions I’m not looking for in a company -  a position as your latest software jockey, Snacks, Soda, Candy, Treats, Corporate Jargon, Buzzwords, Crazy Hat Day, and lastly, Taco Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong I love Taco’s just not on Tuesday.

So what am I looking for in a career / company / employer? A group of dedicated people that understand the motives behind their creation. Proactive rather than reactive in nature. Positive, responsive, clear, and concise. Challenge me and be of sound reason when the challenge is returned.

Thanks for your time,

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